Rosalyn. C

I started my journey of enhancing my personal fitness, in July 2018 with the decision to use a personal trainer, one that would come to me, because I do not like going to a gym. So where do you look for a personal trainer, in my case I used Kijiji and looked through the ads posted, NO, I did not want a muscle bound trainer, NO, I did not want a trainer pictured with a drink in hand on his boat, NO, I did not want a female trainer,  then I happened onto Rahul's ad, from his picture, he looked "trustworthy", after all he would be coming into my house.

I contacted him through email and we had a back and forth conversation, I arranged a consultation to make sure we were a fit, that was important to me. Also, he had to like dogs, I have a very large dog.

At our consultation, he wants to know what I want out of the training, he provides answers to my questions and we seemed to get along, so I decided to "bite the bullet" and started with 10 sessions to give it a try, well it is now end of May 2019, so it has worked out well and my dog loves Rahul. We have good conversations, not necessarily about training. He is good at what he does, changes our workouts regularly to try new equipment and for variety in the workouts.

At first, it was extremely difficult to do any of the exercises, I needed a long break between every one, but Rahul pushed me when I needed pushing and knew when I was not doing so well or my arthritic knees were giving me issues. My overall fitness has greatly improved, I have strength in my arms (can lift weights where I could not before), I definitely have stronger and more flexible knees and legs. I can climb stairs as part of our circuits, many stairs at a time, I have lost weight, lost inches and feel a lot better than I ever have. The best thing to happen with this is I do not have to use my puffer anymore to do our circuit training and that is a huge benefit and shows the improvements I have made.

I would highly recommend Performance Fitness Canada and my personal trainer Rahul,  for any training you have in mind, he is versatile in all things related to personal training.