Personal Training:

Our personal training programs are created based on your personal assessment and customized to help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals. With the personal training package, you will receive fitness training brought directly to your home and weekly meal plans, personalized to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training is available in two packages:

·      Individual Training

·      Pair/Group Training

 Prices are based on your customized training program, with a special rate available for training in pairs or in a group. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

Individual Training:

Our one-on-one training involves a body assessment, consultation, and an in-depth training schedule catered to your needs. We track and monitor your progress on a weekly basis. We will modify and adjust your training progress as we guide you towards your fitness goals.

Group Training:

Experience training in a large or small group of individuals. Our programs can consist of circuit training, high intensity interval training, and much more. We can create customized group sessions based on your needs and comfort.


Our elite fitness programs will engage you in group exercises in an open and positive environment. Exercises will include TRX training, tire training, kettle bell training, dumbbell training, body weight exercises, circuit training and much more. Our boot camps are open to everyone, no matter your level of fitness.