Sultana. S

For years I have tried to go to the gym by myself and try to lose weight. I have been overweight since I have given birth to my first born and have carried it for almost 30 years. I tried diets, gym routines but could never be consistent and didn't have the real discipline to achieve my goals. Because of my weight gain, it also led to things like back pain, heavy breathing when doing simple tasks and a really tough time going up and down stairs. 

A little over a year ago I had said enough is enough and was actively seeking a personal trainer. With the modern day busy schedules, it's really hard to commit time to a gym membership, getting there and scheduling time with a trainer. However, when I was referred to Rahul, it was an instant mesh. The fact that he offered a mobile service, and had the right equipment made it a very easy choice to hire him as my personal trainer. He has an extremely kind personality and is very motivating. He's very personable and makes it really easy to schedule with him and is always communicating with you about your progress. He really takes his personal training business seriously as he has a system to monitor his clients and is actively implementing new changes to better serve his clients like myself. 

In just 3 months working with him, he helped me drop xxlbs and xxinches! I haven't looked back since and have Rahul as my trainer. I lost the weight I wanted, but Rahul helps you take it further than that. He is constantly setting new goals aside from just losing weight, and I have never felt better about myself. It's not become a part of my lifestyle and definitely intend to keep him long term. Thank you for everything, Rahul!